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Physiotherapy is a cornerstone of comprehensive health and wellness, aiming to enhance and restore your body's movement and function. Through personalized treatments and expert guidance, our physiotherapists help alleviate pain, recover from injuries, and prevent future physical issues. Whether you're recovering from an accident, dealing with chronic pain, or striving to improve your overall physical health, physiotherapy offers a path to a more active and pain-free life.

One of the Comox Valley’s most respected physiotherapy clinics, Coastal Physiotherapy is a modern, multi-disciplinary practice specializing in evidence-based treatment of injuries, chronic pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Our physiotherapists have extensive post-graduate training in manual therapy through the orthopaedic division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

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Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation

1700 Comox Avenue, UNIT A/B
Comox, BC
V9M 4H4



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