Exercise Therapy and Clinical Pilates

Exercise therapy involves the use of specific individualized stretching and strengthening programs to restore and improve movement and relieve pain.
exercise therapy and clinical pilatesOur physiotherapists incorporate exercise into most treatment programs as a critical part of the rehabilitation process.

Clinical Pilates is a type of active rehabilitation that uses the principles of traditional pilates, but allows customization of all exercises to allow for a range of difficulty and specificity to an individual clients goals and limitations.

The Reformer is an extremely versatile piece of Clinical Pilates equipment that provides a total body workout, in a safe and customizable environment. The Reformer utilizes a series of pulleys and springs to provide resistance which will challenge all clients in a wide variety of positions, including lying, sitting, kneeling and standing.

Please note: We recommend potential clients first book an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment at the clinic, at which time the Physiotherapist will determine if Clinical Pilates is an appropriate treatment for your current injury or condition.

Exercise Therapy and Clinical Pilates in Courtenay, British Columbia