Proper bike fit is especially important for people who cycle on a regular basis or ride longer distances. Without it, cycling can be uncomfortable, and even downright painful. Although many people don’t realize it, poor bike fit is often at the root of whatever afflictions that may be keeping them from doing more cycling.

At Coastal Physiotherapy, our expert Bike Fitter is Thomas Roundhill, PT. Thomas uses his knowledge of cycling-related injuries, biomechanics and bicycle geometry to ensure mechanical pedalling efficiency while on the bike. Adaptations to the bike to allow for physical body limitations is part of the bike fitting focus.

These bike fits are suitable for any cyclist, whether recreational, competitive or elite and can be applied to road bikes, mountain, cross or commuters.

This service is considered a Physiotherapy visit, and the expense can be claimed on private insurance and extended health benefit plans. The bike fits can be scheduled by contacting Thomas at Coastal Physio, or by calling