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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No. Physiotherapists are university trained medical professionals and primary care practitioners. This means that you have direct access to Physiotherapy without a doctor’s referral.

We do recommend, however, that you communicate with your doctor about your participation in physiotherapy so that we can work together and share knowledge as required during your treatment.

Please also note that some health insurance plans require a doctor’s referral before they will reimburse you for physiotherapy expenses. Consult your insurance provider directly to learn whether a referral is needed in your specific case prior to commencing treatment.

What should I expect from my first appointment?
Your first appointment will generally take about 45 minutes. One of our therapists will conduct an initial assessment of your condition and medical history and will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. In most cases, your initial visit will also include your first treatment.
What should I wear for my appointment?
You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will allow exposure of the affected area.
What is evidence-based treatment?
When we say we specialize in evidence-based treatment, we mean treatment based on research that has been proven to be effective in dealing with your particular condition.
Is physiotherapy covered by BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP?)
If you receive premium assistance through MSP then your physiotherapy will most likely be covered, minus a small user fee. Many seniors are also covered for physiotherapy through MSP. If you call us with your BC Care Card number, we can tell you if you are covered by MSP.
I was injured at work, am I covered by WorkSafeBC?
For all work-related injuries, WorkSafeBC will pay for your initial visit as long as your claim is registered with WorkSafeBC and you have a claim number. Further physiotherapy treatment may be covered after your claim is approved. A referral from your doctor is not necessary. You must ensure that you seek treatment from a physiotherapist who has a contract with WorkSafeBC to treat Injured Workers. On approved claims, there is no fee for service.

After an injury you must:

  1. Report your injury to your employer.
  2. Seek medical attention for your injury as soon as possible. Be sure to tell your doctor that your injury is work-related.
  3. Report your injury to WorkSafeBC as soon as possible:
    1. If you miss any time from work, you must notify the Teleclaim Contact Centre (1-888-WORKERS).
      1. You may be asked by a representative to complete a Worker’s Incident and Injury Report
      2. or an application for Compensation and Report of Injury or Occupational Disease Form 6.
    2. If asked to do so, it is important that you do so and submit it as soon as possible.
  4. Book your initial physiotherapy appointment, and notify the physiotherapy clinic that your injury is work related.

Coastal Physiotherapy has an approved contract with WorkSafeBC to treat Injured Workers.

Here is a link to the WorkSafeBC Intake Form we require you to fill out and bring with you to your first appointment at Coastal Physiotherapy.

I was injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), am I covered by ICBC?

No matter who is responsible, if you’ve been injured in a crash, you have access to pre-authorized (core) treatments, including Physiotherapy and Registered Massage Therapy. There is no need for an initial doctor’s referral if the accident is recent and/or you have not had any previous treatment.

At Coastal Physiotherapy, we direct bill ICBC on your behalf, provided you have an ICBC claim number.

ICBC has implemented a new Health Care Funding Model for accidents occurring after APRIL 1, 2019. For Physiotherapy, ICBC patients are pre-approved for 25 visits within a 12-week period from the date of their accident. For Registered Massage Therapy, ICBC patients are pre-approved for 12 visits within a 12-week period from the date of their accident.

Please visit the ICBC website for more information.

I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Department of Veterans Affairs or RCMP, can you direct bill Medavie Blue Cross?

Yes, we are happy to directly bill Medavie Blue Cross on your behalf for members of DND & CAF, DVA or RCMP, so no payment is required from you. Please contact our office for more details.

I have private health insurance. Am I covered for physiotherapy?
Every private health plan is different, and physiotherapy coverage varies greatly. Most plans cover physiotherapy to some extent, but we recommend that you contact your plan provider for complete details. At Coastal Physiotherapy we are happy to DIRECT BILL on your behalf to most major insurance companies.

Please see our Private Health Insurance section for further information.

Where are you located?
Coastal Physiotherapy is located at 1700 A/B Comox Avenue, in Comox, BC.

We’re in the store-front area of the Berwick retirement residence.

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